West Highland Terrier Halloween Costumes

Here are some of the dog Halloween costumes that have been worn by our West Highland Terriers.

Sailor Westie Halloween Costumes.  Show your patriotic spirit for Halloween, by dressing your Westie up as a sailor.  The Navy would be proud!

Westie Halloween Costumes

Dog halloween costumes


How about some bat wings for your Westie's halloween Costume?  If you've ever seen a Westie chase a rabbit, you know they can fly.  So why not get your dog some wings for Halloween?

Is there anything cuter than a Westie dressed up as Pooh Bear for Halloween?This Pooh Bear Halloween Costume for dogs comes with a hood with Pooh Bear ears.  This Westie doesn't like to wear hoods (or hats) though.

The barefoot executive Westie Halloween costume.  Westies aren't the only dogs that can dress up for Halloween.  Most dogs will tolerate this Halloween costume.