We created Westie Stuff.com because our Westies wanted us to build a site where people could find all kinds of products for and about West Highland White Terriers.

Westie T-Shirt

On WestieStuff.com, you can learn about the origins of the West Highland Terrier Breed, popular names for Westies, what Westies like to eat, their sleeping habits, what they do for fun and even buy stuff for Westies or people who love Westies. We also have a growing assortment of dog memes and videos featuring Westies.

Brian, our 4 year old Westie, was the inspiration for this site.  Brian was recently appointed CWO (Chief Westie Officer).  He's in charge of cuteness and is a big supporter of veterans.


Teddy liked a variety of Westie Beds and Westie treats.  Although he was born in South Carolina, he loved the snow and is an accomplished hunter and sportsman.