Pee Pads

Pee Pads

Our staff of Westies has been testing a variety of Pee Pads to determine the best performing pee pads (or training pads) for West Highland White Terriers.  Your performance may vary, but so far, the number one pee pad for our Westies are the Top Paw X- Large Training Pads that hold 4 cups.

Latest review = 10/21/19:  We're pleased with the performance of the Nature's Miracle Training Pads.  They're competitively priced and absorb most of what our Westies put on them.

All Absorb Training Pads:  We're pleased with the performance of the All Absorb Training Pads.  

Neither the Lil Squirts or Hartz pads worked as well as Top Paw with our dogs.

We'd like to hear about your experiences with these and similar products.  Please email us using the contact form below:

Top Paw Pee Pads


Pee Pad Reviews for Westies