West Highland White Terrier Painting.

Acrylic on canvas - 2017.

Westie Close-up. Original Photograph. 2017

Westie T-Shirt

West Highland Terrier Art

If you've ever done a Google Image Search for West Highland Terriers, you know there are a lot of people who love Westies and particularly, Westie Art.  Pictures and paintings of West Highland Terriers,even sculptures, have been produced by artists all over the world who love these cute little white dogs.  Here is our list of some of our favorite Westie Art.  If you have art that features West Highland Terriers, and you'd like it posted on WestieStuff.com, please email it to us.


West Highland Terrier Print

Wood Carving Print on Paper.  2017

West Highland Terrier Print - 2017

West Highland Terriers. 

Oil on Canvas, 2017