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Top 10 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Dog Bed.

How much do you want to spend on a dog bed?  Dog beds are available at a variety of price points.
What is the best size for your dog’s bed?   Is your dog large or small?
How does your dog sleep?  Does it like to sleep curled-up or stretched out?
What is the dog bed made of?  Is it made out of organic materials or materials that could harm your dog?
Will the dog bed be durable?  Some dogs, especially puppies, may chew their dog beds.
Will the dog bed be comfortable?  Some beds are durable but not comfortable.
Is the dog bed washable?  You’ll want to wash your dog’s bed.
Is the cover removable?  If the cover is removable, you can wash it without washing the whole bed.
How old is your dog?  Older dogs have different needs than younger dogs.
How does the dog bed look?  Will it look good in your home?Type your paragraph here.