Westie Ear Problems

Some West Highland White Terriers are susceptible to ear infections. Approximately 10% of Westies may experience ear problems. Since a Westies' ears are upright, they don't get infections as easily as dogs with hanging ears.  However, once your Westie gets an ear infection, it can be difficult to get rid of it.  If your Westie is digging at his or her ear(s) and/or shaking its head, they could have an ear infection.  In our experience with our Westie's, the ear canal will appear dirty with black or reddish ear wax. Usually, there should be no ear wax in your Westie's ear.  If that happens, don't hesitate: take your Westie to see a veterinarian.  Your dog's Vet will most likely suggest medication.  The Vet will also give you instructions on cleaning the dog's ear canals. 

Once the ear infection is gone, if the dog's ear is excessively moist, try using a drying cream every few days to keep the infection from starting up again. If the problem continues, go back to the vet because you may need a different antibacterial agent.It is important to keep after ear infections. If it is chronic, the dog's ear canal could swell shut, sealing in bacteria and causing your Westie to go deaf (and you wouldn't want that to happen).  It is also important to keep their ears free from ear mites.  It can be hard to determine whether your Westie has ear mites or an ear infection.  don't take chances with your dog's health.  Take your Westie to the Vet.  Better to be safe than sorry.