Westie Puppy Toys

Westie Puppies like to chew on things so if you're getting a new Westie puppy for your family, be sure to budget for some puppy toys. Otherwise you may find your Westie puppy chewing on his or her dog bed or your furniture or personal items.  They especially like to chew on shoes and hats. 

Our Westies like to play fetch, so balls are always a good option.  However, when you buy a toy ball for your Westie puppy, make sure it's a pet safe ball so there aren't any choking hazards.  Westie puppies also like to play tug of war, so pet safe tug of war toys are also a good option for your Westie puppy.  Stuffed animals are good toys for Westie puppies too, but again, make sure the stuffed animals are safe for dogs, so there aren't any choking hazards.

Our Westies have a pet safe stuffed snake that they use for tug of war games.  They also have a rope that has pull areas on both sides that is another dog tug favorite.