Do Westies have sensitive stomach's?  In our experience, Westies do have sensitive tummies.  We've found that putting some variety into their diet can make them avoid the digestive issues that plague some West Highland Terriers.

Westie Breakfast: 

Our Westies love to have chicken and rice or hamburger and rice or turkey and rice for breakfast.

Westie Lunch:

For lunch, they prefer crunchies, such as Beneful Incredibites for small dogs or Viand Small Bite Dog Food.

Westie Dinner:

Their favorite dinners are Cesars, any Cesars, by far. Whether it's chicken or filet mignon or whatever, as long as it says Cesars with a picture of a Westie on the package, they like it.

Westie Snacks:

Westies like some people food for snacks, and dog treats such as:

  • Milk Bone Mini's
  • Train Me Bacon Flavor Grain Free Mini's
  • Companion triple flavor twist rawhide chews
  • Cesars Softies
  • Newmans Sticks
  • Milk Bone Macro Snacks for small dogs
  • Soup Bones from a butcher shop

For people food, Westies like Cheerios, Oyster Crackers and Bread.  They're not big on fruits and vegetables.


Westie Stuff