Top 10 toxins to avoid if you're a Westie Family:

1. Human Medications

2. Insecticides

3. OTC Medications

4. Household Items

5. Human Foods

6. Veterinary Medications

7. Chocolate

8. Rodenticides

9. Plants

10. Lawn and Garden Products

Consult with a veterinary professional for more complete information.

Top 10 Toxins for Westies:

1. Human Medications

The types of medications dogs are exposed to closely reflect the most common prescriptions:

- cardiac Medication (especially anti-hypertensive)

- pain medications

- anti-depressants

2. Insecticides

Some insecticides can cause rapid onset of life-threatening signs.  Others upset GI.

3. Household Items

Items in a typical household such as cleaning products, glues and paints are often accessible to dogs and need to be kept in a safe place where your Westie cannot access them.

4. Human Foods

Dogs, especially Westies, can't seem to get enough human food.  However, they don't know that a biscuit given to them may have been a good treat, but a bag of grapes could land them in the emergency room.

5. OTC Medications

OTC medication dangers can range from the fatal to milder clinical signs for things like fish oil capsules.

6. Veterinary Medications

Medications prescribed for your dog can be dangerous if not administered with proper dosages.

7. Chocolate

Chocolate could put your Westie in the emergency room.  Valentine's Day, Easter, 

Christmas and Halloween are high volume days for veterinary emergency rooms because of chocolate consumption.

8. Lawn and Garden Products

Lawn and garden products can be toxic and should be stored out of reach of your Westie and other pets.

9. Plants

Some plants, especially houseplants, can be toxic to pets, including West Highland Terriers.

10. Rodenticides/Rat Poison
Products manufactured to kill rats and mice can also kill Westies and other pets.